Recover Calendar sItems from Microsoft Outlook 2010

Nowadays Microsoft Outlook is the most popular application used by the business enterprises. It is basically used to store all messages, contact information, calendar, other data that you create and store in the Microsoft Outlook personal folder. Sometimes it may happen that you accidentally delete calendar items from MS Outlook, after few days you realize that you need previous saved calendar entries and you want to recover calendar items from Microsoft Outlook 2010. So now, you need to choose the recovering calendar items from Microsoft Outlook 2010 application which is trustworthy and reliable. This is only possible with the Outlook Inbox Repair Software. By using this application you can easily recover calendar items from Microsoft Outlook 2010 which are deleted / lost due to accidental deletion, virus infection, human error and many more.

There are so many application to access emails like mobiles and installable client. There are chances for things to go wrong. The main problem is many users encounter data duplication and data purge of calendar. In MS Outlook by using in built Scan.pst recovery tool, you can recover deleted calender items from Outlook 2010 such as inbox, sent items, etc. but at some extent it is possible. Suppose in Calender items you have made multiple entry for upcoming events and some reminders. One day due to exceeding the storage capacity, the Outlook calender items may get corrupted. This might cause the loss of Calender items from Outlook. Here you definitely require a recovery utility to restoring calendar items from Microsoft Outlook 2010. Then make use of this Outlook Inbox Repair software to come out of this situation. By using this recovering calendar items from microsoft outlook 2010 utility, you can restore inbox from Outlook 2010 easily with great accuracy.

Some reasons that causes loss of calendar items from Outlook 2010

  1. By pressing the empty folder option – When you delete calender item from Outlook 2010 then it will store in deleted items from Outlook attributes. You can delete unwanted calendar item individually from the deleted item folder or click on the Empty Folder to delete entire folder. But if there are some important calendar items scheduled stored that you deleted accidentally, then you may loss data due to deletion.
  2. Files deleted automatically from deleted folder – Sometimes if you delete calendar entry from calendar items then it will be store in deleted items. But the calendar entry will be store in the deleted item for long period, sometimes it may automatically get deleted if there is a lack of space to store newly deleted items.
  3. Oversized PST file – Every versions of PST file has been defined with the fixed size and Outlook store the calendar items based on the fixed size. If Outlook PSt file exceeds the fix defined size then the PST file may get corrupted and becomes inaccessible.

This restoring calendar items from microsoft outlook 2010 software designed with the special algorihm underneath the market software developers to recover calender items from Microsoft Outlook 2010. This software read the content from damaged / corrupted PST file and create the new PST file. With the help of this software you can also know about how to retrieve deleted emails from Outlook 2013, which is the latest version of Micrsoft Outlook introduced recently. The top rated utility is capable for recovering calendar items from Microsoft Outlook 2010 on different versions of Winodows Operating system. Outlook recovery apps is used to recover calendar items from Microsoft Outlook 2010, 2000, 2007 and many more. Click on this page URL to know how exactly the software can recover Outlook items from 2007, 2010, etc.

This software can also works extremely well for deleted email recovery from any Outlook version. If you want to know step by step procedure to recover email in Outlook 2003, then you can visit here -

Steps to restoring calendar items from Microsoft Outlook 2010

Step 1: Download and install the software on your system. On running the software, you will find three options namely “Open PST File”, “Find PST File” and “Select Outlook Profile”.

Recover Calendar Items from Microsoft Outlook 2010 - Main Screen

Step 2: In case you don’t know the exact location of your Outlook PST file click on “Find PST File” option after the search, select the required PST file and click on “Next”. Choose “Select Outlook Profile” option, if you want to fix PST files from your Outlook profiles. In case, you are aware of the location of PST file then click on “Open PST file” to browse and select it..

Recover Calendar Items from Microsoft Outlook 2010 - Open PST File Screen

Step 3: Then, select the required destination and the scan type and click on “Repair” option.

Recover Calendar Items from Microsoft Outlook 2010 - Choose destination Screen

Step 4: Once scanning is done, the tool displays the list of data restored from the repaired PST file. Save the Outlook PST file on your system after purchasing the product.

Recover Calendar Items from Microsoft Outlook 2010 - Preview Screen

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