Not able to access your Inbox in Outlook 2010?

Outlook 2010 is a version updated to support 32 bit and 64 bit computers. In addition to these there is an increase in performance and stability. Due to this many users around the world give importance in using Outlook 2010 version. The important thing regarding emailing is that it should be reliable and continuing its state of work constantly. Outlook 2010 uses PST files to store the information locally.

PST files store the Outlook data in binary format which is not human readable. When such PST files gets corrupt the Outlook e-mailing fails. This can cause a serious impact by halting the business for some finite period of time which results in huge loss. Hence these PST files has to be repaired before time with a help of a repair tool available in the market. When opting for such a tool you have to be sure that the tool you opt for will provide the best result. Such quality you can find in a tool called Repair Inbox. It’s designed and meant to be used in cases of PST file damage. Repair Inbox tool for Outlook is well advanced tool that has an ability to repair PST file and recover all the mails from your Outlook

Few events causing corruption to PST files

  1. Power surge problems: When you access your mails on Outlook on day to day basis there can be distractions in many ways. One of the common problems is power surge. Power surge can hit your system any time you are accessing your mails or carrying out some other task on Outlook 2010 archive. This can corrupt your PST files and leads to loss of your mails.
  2. Interruption during upgradation process : People start upgrading their software to newly launched respective versions. In the same way when Outlook 2010 archive was launched all the business organization started moving to this version from their older version. When such upgradation was done in most of the cases PST files were damaged which lead to inaccessibility of files.
  3. Software Malfuntion: Microsoft Office 2010 software in a complete package that contains a group of Microsoft products including Microsoft Outlook. When you install Microsoft Office 2010 software on your system then the Microsoft Outlook 2010 gets installed automatically. In case there is a malfunction in your software then it may damage your PST files from your Outlook.

Outlook Inbox repair software is best suitable to fix problems regarding PST file and recover the data from inbox of Outlook 2010 version. This tool can fix PST damage and restore lost emails from Outlook attributes like Inbox, sent items, deleted items, contacts etc. It is capable can fix highly encrypted PST files and generates the repaired PST in outlook 2003-2010 format so that you can import the mails easily. It can recover deleted items from Outlook 2007 and other version.

You can fix outlook error 0x800ccc0d and provides the real time preview of it. If you don’t know the location of PST file there is a find option to find them. This tool is award winning highly rated tool that is reviewed by many industrial experts. Technical support available to answer query related to the software.

Steps to repair outlook 2010 inbox:

Step 1: Download the tool and install it on your system. When you launch the tool you find a screen with three options “Open PST File”, ”Find PST File” and “Select Outlook Profile”.

Outlook Inbox Repair - Main Screen

Step 2: Select “Open PST File” and when the software pop ups the new screen click on browse and select the path of your damaged PST file. If the location of PST File is not known by you then click on “Find PST File” then select the damaged PST File. In case you want to select your Outlook profiles click on “Select Outlook Profile” and select the damaged PST File.

Outlook Inbox Repair - Find PST File Screen

Step 3: The tool pops up a new screen where you have to select the destination location and the type of scan. After selecting it click on “Repair” button.

Outlook Inbox Repair - Choose destination Screen

Step 4: When the scan completes the tool displays an Outlook styled browser window with a list of Outlook mails retrieved. Save the PST file back after purchasing the product.

Outlook Inbox Repair - Preview Screen

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