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Outlook is one of the most popular email client presently used by many business enterprises. They contain attributes like contact, tasks, inbox, sent items etc. You can send and receive mails from Outlook. Inbox is the folder in which received mails reside. Messages received can be opened and checked in for getting the information and even can be moved to other folder. Most of the companies now prefer to use Outlook since it is equipped with many additional features that any other e-mail client lacks.

Consider a scenario, where you were using Outlook profiles from many years. In your inbox you had a huge amount of crucial mails and important mails stored regarding the business. One fine day due to over storage, the PST file exceeded its size and resulted in corruption. This might have caused the loss of all data stored on your Outlook inbox. This condition might be the worst situation you might have ever faced. In such instance, opt for Outlook Inbox Repair software to repair Outlook inbox and restore all the mails from your Inbox.


Scenarios that lead to damaged PST file:

Best features of Outlook inbox repair tool:

This Outlook Inbox repair software enables you to recover calendar items from various Outlook versions and helps in repairing Outlook inbox of various versions, like Outlook 2010, 2007 & 2003. Just click on link http://www.outlookinbox-repair.com/recover-calendar-items-from-microsoft-2010.html for further information on recovery from Outlook 2010, especially.

Recent Updates:

Outlook Inbox Repair Tool Windows XP: Do you want to repair Outlook Inbox on Windows XP? If yes, then make use of one of the best and convenient utility called as Outlook Inbox Repair Software. By using Outlook Inbox Repair Tool for Windows XP, you can effortlessly repair Outlook Inbox file within couple of minutes. For more details, refer this link: http://www.outlookinbox-repair.com/tool-windows-xp.html

How to Retrieve Deleted Emails from Outlook 2013?: You can retrieve all your deleted emails from Outlook 2013 using Outlook Repair Software on all the latest versions of Windows OS within minutes. Visit this page www.outlookinbox-repair.com/recover-deleted-emails-from-2013.html for more details.

Steps to perform Outlook Inbox Repair:

Step 1: Install free demo version of Outlook Inbox Repair tool by clicking the download link on this page. Double click on the desktop icon and the software gets launched with a welcome screen with three options namely “Open PST File”, “Find PST File” and “Select Outlook Profile”.

Outlook Inbox Repair - Main Screen

Step 2: Select “Open PST File” to browse and select the damaged PST file. Otherwise select “Find PST File” option in case you don’t know the location of PST file on your system. In case there are more than one PST file stored on your system click on “Select Outlook Profile” to select the damaged PST file from the list of profiles displayed. After selecting the PST file, click “Next” option.

Outlook Inbox Repair -Find PST File Screen

Step 3: On the next window, browse and select the destination location for the new file to be stored and the type of scan you want to carry out then click on “Repair” button.

Outlook Inbox Repair - Choose destination Screen

Step 4: Software pops up a new screen in outlook browser style with a list of mails retrieved from the PST file. Purchase the product and save the repaired PST file for use.

Outlook Inbox Repair - Preview Screen

Tips to avoid PST file damage

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